Antwerp Judo Tour

You could say a ’superprestige’ of the judo.

Our tournament received the quality label “A-Tornooi” from the VJF (Flemish Judo Federation)!!
Info about this quality label on VJF site (Dutch website).

“Ippon Trophy 4 Kids” is the first tournament of the “Antwerp JudoTour”. U11 and U13 judoka’s compete in the ITA4KIDS, which takes place on Sunday, 6 of December 2020.
U15 and U18 ITA in the weekend of the 16th (U18) and 17th (U15) of May 2020.

On every tournament, one can score IPPONS. The club that scored the most IPPONs during the “Antwerp Judo Tour”, wins the celebrated cup “Antwerp Ippon Trophy”, and the corresponding amount of 1.000 EUROs!!
The winning club will be announced at the end the “Antwerp Judo Tour”, on 17/5/2020.

ATTENTION: the winning club must be present at the award ceremony, the 17th of 2020!!
See also our regulations, section F point 2.

The tournaments of the “Ippon Trophy Antwerp” will all be organized in Antwerp. Thanks to the cooperation with the City of Antwerp, all the “Antwerp Judo Tour” tournaments will take place in Antwerp:

  • Ippon Trophy 4 Kids” stays in the “Rode Loop” in Merksem
  • “Ippon Trophy Antwerp” for U15 and U18 will take place in the “Arenahal” in Deurne, a sports hall with character